Aditya Birla On Productivity: Machines

In the productivity of machines, I have found that there is always room for improvement. What is lacking is the will, the vision and the commitment to exploit the machines to get the best out of them. We build most of the times our own mental barriers, which are the most difficult to overcome, then the actual problem of increasing productivity.

As Eric Hoffer, the great American philosopher said—

In a time of change, it is the learners who inherit the future. The learned find themselves equipped to live only in a world that no longer exists.

We must have an open mind; we must be open to new ideas, to new perspectives and to new technology and should not create our own mental barriers and limitations.

It was thought that the four-minute mile record could not be broken. It was. There is nothing which cannot be achieved, provided you have an open mind, the will, the devotion, determination, enthusiasm and vision to achieve the seemingly impossible.

Talking of open-mindedness, the Rig Veda says to let noble thoughts come to us from all over the universe.

Thank you very much!

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