Aditya Birla On Productivity: Men

Constant efforts have to be put in for improving the productivity of men and machines, all the time. We have to improve on our existing systems, however good they may be. The norms that are excellent today will become outdated tomorrow. What seems un-achievable today, becomes a matter of fact tomorrow and the day after becomes obsolete. A corporation cannot remain static. It cannot maintain its position. It either improves or deteriorates. Therefore, if you do not constantly strive to remain a step ahead of the competition, by improving productivity all the time, you will be left behind.

The world is fast changing. It is a dynamic, ruthless and constantly changing an environment. Those who innovate, those who constantly strive for higher productivity, will survive and prosper. Those who do not will fade into oblivion. Don’t forget that there is also tremendous fulfillment and job satisfaction if you achieve something.

If you are successful in your efforts, the corporate world is full of dreams, full of joy and pleasure. But if you do not keep progressing, an industry can be a nightmare. You have to strive constantly for survival and progress. My grandfather said—

Industry is a jealous mistress. She requires constant wooing.

Thank you very much!

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