Want To Time Travel? Take This Bus

I started traveling at the age of 21. I have traveled whole India many times now. I am 39 now but the memories of all travels are still intact. I remember each and everything.

Nagaland is one of my favorite states in India. It’s on the extreme northeast of the country. The beauty of this place is in its people—tribal people. Everything is changing and fast moving now-days but when I reached the bus stop on a morning of 2018, the time stood still.

My parents were avid travelers and I grew up on their travel stories. They had narrated to me about this place when I was a child. They narrated each and everything; including the road and public transport.

It was around 1970 when this state got a decent road and public buses. 48 years later, the road is better but the buses are the same; at least in the remote areas. The people have changed, the village has become a town but the buses are the same.

It’s like the humans there are travelling at the speed of light and hence, the time has come to a halt. But, I am sure this won’t be the case when I go there next; although I have been here thrice in 17 years.

If you want to do a time travel, hop in in this bus and enjoy the fun of 2018 sitting on the lap of 1970.

Thank you very much!

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