Lemon Juice

Paths are made by walking. The first question that hit me before even starting was that WTF happens by walking? Does peace come by walking? Are you crazy? All these questions were not from strangers but from the people whom I call family and friends. Very inspiring tough, but I couldn’t answer them at that time. But, after I have completed the journey I can at least make an attempt to answer them from my perspective. At first, it seemed an outer journey. Walking many miles every day, passing through various villages, beg for food and shelter, and spread message of peace.  But, as days went, I realized what saint Kabir said hundreds of years ago. He quoted in one of his lyrical poem:                                               

When I began to search for the evil or wrongfulness, I couldn’t find them outside. And when I looked inside my heart, there was no one more evil and wrongful than myself.

Really, the good, bad, wrong and right was all inside me. It was not an outward journey but it was an inner one and the juice or what you can say—the conclusion was that:

  • It was all about letting off ego
  • It was all about noticing small things
  • It was all about enjoying little movements
  • It was all about community living
  • It was all about no money transaction
  • It was all about learning inside lives and culture
  • It was about exploring the GUEST IS GOD attitude
  • It was all about best and worst behaviour in myself and others
  • It was all about making new connections
  • It was all about trust
  • It was all about seeing beyond what is seen
  • It was all about believing in miracles
  • It was all about looking at the world with a different perspective
  • It was all about inner peace, love and compassion
  • It was all about solving oneself and aligning with universe
  • It was all about knowing oneself
  • It was all about unlearning
  • It was all about inner transformation

When you walk your vision is 180 degree. One can see more, do more and learn more. It was by this walking that Mahatma Gandhi connected people from entire country to stand up for freedom. It was by this walking that Acharya Vinoba Bhave collected 4 million acres of land for poverty-ridden farmers of India and it was by this walking that Gautam Buddha became enlightened.

Walking is a powerful tool. Looks simple but the ripples go far. It’s not only a good exercise for the body but a good one for the soul too. Don’t underestimate the potential of walking and grab an opportunity to walk if you get it in this life.


Thank you very much!

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