Rise And Fall Of The Ego-Trip

It was almost 20 days and more than 300 kilometers of walking, begging, enjoying, connecting, getting surprised, experiencing acute compassion and witnessing miracles. We’re quite close to the grand city of Udaipur. We had just taken a nice cold bath in a sanctum. Although that was the first place where we were asked money but later when Yogesh Mathuria told the caretakers about our mission, they happily agreed to help us for free. This was the first time I experienced a pinch in my heart but I took it in a positive way. I forgot about it in a while, after this great lunch they offered us.

On the way, I met this man of substance. He was from a very typical clan of the vagabonds. The clan belongs to the desert rich area of Rajasthan. Their life is a travel and they keep walking all around the country in search of greener and a better life. I had a little idea about them but I never had an actual encounter with one.

But that day was something different. I started walking next to him and ignited a conversation. The man, who looked like the head of the family, was a level-headed and a calm human. We exchanged our ideas of walking and our mission. Our mission was inner and outer transformation and he was searching a better opportunity to live. At first, it looked like that we had opposite missions but on close examination, I realized that our missions were actually complementary; both incomplete without each other.


I became stuffed with ego and told him that I had just completed walking more than 300 kilometers. He smiled at me and informed me that they had completed walking more than 1,000 kilometers and they do like 5,000 kilometers every year, all their life, with their family, cattle, and other stuff!

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