Angels In Disguise

We were warned about tribal men turned dacoits on the route. The route after the paradise was almost like a stone-desert. It was a long highway with very little green patches or villages around. This is the time that we got a little worried because there was no civilization around and top of that—the cult of these dreadful dacoits. And as you sow, you reap and as you think, you get, we heard someone shouting at us from a distance.

We looked around carefully and realized that it came from a tribal hunt on a nearby hilltop. We saw a small man running towards us with something on his shoulder. We got the shit scared and thought that the time to get looted has come. But suddenly we realized that we didn’t have anything on us that can be taken away.

We were ZERO!

This man started coming closer and we realized that he is a tribal man but the thing on his shoulder is not a weapon but a vegetable. The afternoon was really hot and there was no one around. We were a little scared and more surprised at the moment. Together, we made up our mind to deny buying the vegetable.

In a fraction of minute, this man came down running barefoot with a huge cucumber on his shoulder and started talking to us. He knew a little bit of Hindi language and asked us about our mission. Mission? But how on Earth did he come to know about it? Later we realized that the route is quite popular for pilgrimages and he is habituated to see people walking on that path.


He offered us the cucumber but we denied. We told him that we don’t have any money to buy it. I lost all my senses when he explained to us that he came not to sell us but offer the cucumber to us so that we don’t feel the heart. I was really taken back by this compassionate act. He just came all the way to offer us his contribution to our mission and we were thinking him to be a dacoit. If sold the cucumber would have given him enough money for the day but this angel rather decided to gift us. This was an amazing act of selflessness towards a complete stranger. We left after a conversation but all the way I was thinking that who looted who? Did he loot us or did we loot him instead?

On our journey, we many people who hosted us; teachers, tribal, untouchables, priests etc. But, this man was a special case.


Raja Ramesh—a crazy mystic and owned a hotel on the highway and he hosted us for a night. He offered food and love. He is a super-fan of popular Indian mystic Sai Baba and we talked at length about his favorite topic. His tone of speaking reminded me of my friend from Afghanistan and there was a time in the conversation that I even asked him if he was from that country. But, actually, he was from an eastern state of India. Strange correlation though but somehow it connects with the philosophy of ONE GLOBAL VILLAGE.

He went out of his way to serve us and the next day came to offer lunch, making time form his busy schedule. He also told me about another Indian mystic Meher Baba, who is considered a disciple of Indian mystic Sai Baba. I never knew this all my life and I waited all my life for this man to tell me about him.

How wonderful and hence, I think he was the link who was designed or destined to introduce me to this infamous Indian mystic. Such were some encounters with angels who, I feel, was God himself in disguise or maybe that was the real image of the almighty!


Thank you very much!

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