Awakening In Paradise

The universe had kept a keen watch on us since the day we started and was always very benevolent. I was getting used to witnessing miracles every day and suddenly, there was one more. It so happened that we were not sure of our next destination, but just look at the miracle, one angel from Pakistan made our arrangement in a huge spiritual retreat center own by one of the biggest cult of modern times—Bramha Kumaris.

This paradise is situated in the lap of one of the most popular hill station named Mt.Abu. We traveled our way through the steep hill-road, chilled breeze and numerous gangs of monkeys. We were welcomed by our French host Mona, who was a member of this community.

The spiritual retreat center is home to millions of followers every day and that day was some sort of conglomeration where people from more than 100 countries were present. Our host took us to lunch. We had one of the most delicious local foods at one restaurant that was owned by her friend.


After the lunch, we went around this huge paradise. There was one member from the organization who took us around the place. The people were so nice everywhere. All the followers dress up in white clothes. There was peace sitting everywhere. I was wondering all along that, we’re in India but one friend from Pakistan helped us in getting accommodation and another friend from France hosted us there. I’ve always believed in the idea of ONE GLOBAL VILLAGE but here, I saw it time and again. We met so many beautiful people from different parts of the world.

One host also managed to set up a radio interview for us in All India Radio. We were so excited to give our first interview. It was late evening and we entered the office. We were welcomed by the in charge of the office. Actually, due to cost-cutting, he was the technical person, interviewer, creative director and officer in charge.


He grilled us—in a friendly way—for an hour. He was very excited about our journey and wanted to know more about it. We told him everything we knew; all of it and some more only to learn that he cannot relay our conversation from his station. He suggested us to go a big station in the main city and even scheduled an interview there.

So kind of him!

But, but the main highlight of this destination was that we got to meet the highest in the spiritual rank, one of the most decorated and elderly spiritual mentor of the community. Dadi Jayanti, as they call her, is the one everyone is looking for. She’s one of the most important and popular people in the center. We just took our chance and requested the security guard to let us meet her for a couple of minutes.


We just explained to him that we wanted to meet her casually and as a miracle, he agreed. He sent us inside. The chamber was a somber room filled with meditation music and fragrance. After a little waiting period, she came into the room; like a white fairy straight from something much higher and beautiful than heaven. She spoke to us so sweetly that I still can’t take away her silky voice from my ears. She heard us and also blessed us. She also offered us with a shawl each and fruits.

OMG! I never imagined this to happen.

We were just strangers and not even followers of them but the loved they showered on us was something I have never experienced before. This had brought a sense of awakening in me that I promised to use in my life; all the time.


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