The Beginning March

The night was wonderful and I got up early morning. It was quite cold outside. I was feeling like a ripe fruit; ready to roll. After a ritualistic prayer, we gathered at a place to begin. We prayed and took blessings of our dear mentors and friends. The time had come and I wore my first ever shoe in a decade, and put my feet outside the gate.

 The whole universe was in silent mode. We decided to walk in silence till sunrise—Me, Yogesh Mathuria, Sheetal Sanghvi and Vijai Yadav.

Walking in silence!

It was a completely new thing for me.  I never thought of being silent. I thought we’ll have fun talking about hundreds of things. But all my dreams were shattered. I was fresh but little uncomfortable walking with the shoe. The first hour was terrible. I couldn’t stand the silence but anyway I was talking to myself continuously.

I was moving almost at the speed of light and suddenly I saw a ray of light somewhere form the corner of the sphere, corner? Does a sphere even have a corner? Such is my height of stupidity but the point is that sun was about to rise. The sky was a painting created with an analogous color scheme—pink, purple, orange, red, etc.

As soon as we could see light all around, we took a break and finally threw out some words to each other. I burst a word-bomb on my partner. The morning looked so beautiful as if I have seen it for the first time in my life. Actually, I witnessed it after a long time. I could hear the voice of a peacock nearby. I could also hear some random birds chirping in the background, far behind the trees.

Sheetalbhai had promised his participation only till sunrise and he left us with warm wishes for the journey. What was left was the ‘The Trinity’ and I was glad that I opened the Pandora’s Box. We kept walking through the capital city of Gandhinagar towards the north of Gujarat.

The sun was in his or her full glory. Shining bright and I realized we had been walking for almost 5 hours now. The city was full of hustle-bustle and the traffic was in its full swing. Suddenly, I started getting uncomfortable.  My speed was getting slow. I noticed pain under few fingers of my feet. I didn’t pay attention and like a true soldier, I was determined to quit only if I am dead. Although, I have been practicing trekking all my life I never experienced continuous walking like this. I knew there was something wrong.

My fear was right—BLISTERS!

Thank you very much!

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