The Couple With The Cutest Smile On Earth

Tears are falling from my eyes as I am writing this blog post. I am experiencing this the first time.

No, no. this is not tears of joy or pain.

Actually, I had a pickle for lunch and didn’t wash my hands properly. I just rubbed my eyes and so the chili is hurting my right eye. I am not able to see with both eyes so this blog post will be written with only one eye open; crying.

But my heart is crying as well, as I am writing this blog post on my dear friend and his soul-mate.

Saji Ravi and I were in the same classes for many grades in primary school. I remember from grade I-III for sure.

standard I.jpg

standard II.jpg

standard III.jpg

We were good friends but I lost him after secondary school. He became a loving-kind human, and I became he-man—the most powerful man in the universe.



No, this is bullshit.

A lot of alcohol has eaten away my intellect and consciousness. I didn’t become he-man, I just became a notorious pest.

We met after 22 years with the blessing of technology—Facebook and WhatsApp. I had almost forgotten his face but I immediately recognized him with the cute smile he had. Two decades must have given him scars of struggle, challenges but that couldn’t change the smile on his face.

It’s mentioned Bhagavad Gita that change is permanent, but there’s a hidden verse in one of the chapters that say that Saji’s smile is also permanent. But you won’t find it because your eyes are corrupt and you don’t cherish his smile the way I do!

Just kidding!


My friend is far from me. he stays saat samundar paar in the USA. The land and where I may not reach even in saat janam but he’s a loving-kind human. But this is not the best part, the best part is that he has a soul-mate that is equally loving-kind and shares the same cute, adorable, delightful smile.

Saji and Prathusha remind me of good times. They remind me of all the good things in life that are not scarce, not extinct.

It’s said that a smile is a form of charity and this couple is a charitable institution in themselves.

It’s said that smile the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart and look at Saji and his soul-mate. They’re blessed with the ultimate winning tool. A smile can change your day, even your life. A smile can make people comfortable around you.

I see a lot of people every day but rarely anyone is smiling. They have lost the art and craft of smiling, and here are my smile-heroes doing their act with full energy and shining teeth. and talking about shining teeth, it reminds me of this old Indian television commercial:

Nevertheless, I really think they should start a weekend tuition class to train people how to smile.

I am serious.


So, if you’re out of smiles, now you know where to go—see the above picture of the smile-guru and get inspired.


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