Shippie Turned Cabbie

As soon as I booked an Ola Cab today, I got a call from the driver. He spoke in fluent English; much better than me. As I entered the cab, I was stunned. The cab was full of toys, figures, stickers that came alive in the disco blue light.


After taking the OTP, he offered me chocolate and introduced himself politely. His name was Sandesh Parab.

He served the Indian Navy as a navigation officer for 22 years and after retirement, he didn’t want a job. Hence, he decided to run his own cab.


The ship you see in the above image was the ship he served last. Sandesh followed all the traffic rules and rode the cab with precision — like a master. He’s a famous cabbie and has been named HEROES OF OLA by the company.

In the end, I gave him a shocker. I gifted my THANK YOU card and he said that no one ever did this to him before. We bid goodbye to each other with the hope to meet again.

I hope we do.

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