Life Of A Happiness And Mental Health Coach

In this blog post, I want to share about the life of a happiness coach and emotional wellness volunteer.

It seems fun. In fact, it is—it’s the way how you define fun.

I became one a few years ago due to the deep interest and requirement of the subject. Most of us are unhappy and have multiple emotional blocks. There is no one to hear. As a happiness coach I talk about ways to get true and everlasting happiness in life and as an emotional wellness volunteer, the main tasks is to listen—without judgment and assumption.

Listening is an art and craft. It’s an act of love.

Although I have done many academic and spiritual courses from reputed educational venues across the globe, the real experience comes on the field. It’s with families, corporate teams, individuals but tough in hospitals and hospices.

The experience with people who are facing terminal illness is the toughest ones; especially children and their families.

I have visited several hospices and hospitals and offered my selfless service but this case is a special one. I am treating her emotionally—that’s all we can do as of now. She’s facing stage 4 of cancer and nobody knows how much time he has.

In last few visits, I have spoken much about keeping patient and calm in the time of distress. Previous visits were more about talking and offer solace; that often vanishes soon. But the results were good enough.

She was ready to die; peacefully.

Yesterday’s visit was a different one. We took it to another level. This visit was more of going to the basics. It was about the virtues that hold us together and we let it go, it all breaks down—emotionally and physically. It was about forgiveness, gratitude, kindness, and compassion.

She has many emotional blocks that were never treated. While the medical practitioner is doing their best, I am trying to design a prototype based on emotional wellness. I am not a magician, doctor or angel, I am just a simple human who can offer love and support.

Yesterday’s visit was all about transcendental knowledge. She has belied in spirituals philosophy and I am fortunate—and blessed—to have quite a few books on the topic. I understand this philosophy really well and apply it in my life.

In this visit, I have told her to prepare a bucket list, a balance sheet of life and a goodness chart. The emotional blocks need to leave her. The therapy is coming out good.

She’s ready to live; peacefully.


Thank you very much!

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