Mumbai, the financial capital of India, is called the city of dreams. It’s the home to around 20 million dreams. Dreams glittering like gold and sometimes like fool’s gold. All lined one after the other like the queue of auto-rickshaws waiting for gas.

Mumbai is the city which never sleeps; with destiny. The action is destiny here—a man becomes what he does. Mumbai is proud of its multi-cultural citizens from all walks of life and is also famous for its traffic snarls caused by public transport, namely taxis and auto-rickshaws.

The love story of Gul and Golom bloomed here in the heart of the busy city in the auto-rickshaw.

A garbage truck banged on the garbage can loudly, on which it was written CLEAN MUMBAI, GEEN MUMBAI. This immediately took away the attention of Gul, who was standing just opposite the garbage collection point.

Gul was a bit late for work that day and had been waiting for an auto-rickshaw for a long time. He was getting very frustrated because he never got an auto-rickshaw to reach office if he was late and there had been several occasions where he came late at night and got up late in the morning. Finally, after waiting for half an hour, he managed to catch one auto-rickshaw for work. The driver turned the meter down and Gul‘s spirit turned up.

Brother, why don’t you guys only take shared fares?

Everybody wants private space. That’s why.

Gul understood the problem but was very concerned about this problem and he decided to find a solution. He had a constant late morning week and he observed that other people were also in similar problems due to the ever-increasing migrants to this city of dreams. So, he decided to share his travel with two more people, so that they don’t face the same problems.

He wondered what if everybody did the same thing; the situation could be handled to a large extent. So in light of this thought, he started to look for a company. He would shout his destination—BANDRA-BANDRA—in search for same route travelers but to his surprise, no one did join him.

Gul was very sad and cursed them for not being educated about energy conservation and time management but he never gave up.

One day, a beautiful lady, dressed in very corporate attire, was also hunting for an auto-rickshaw, near Gul‘s house. He was noticing her for a while now. neither of them got any auto-rickshaw. Frustrated, he walked some distance in the hope of getting one. Finally, he was lucky to find one. He was attracted towards the charming lady and decided to help her. So, he turned the auto-rickshaw towards her, to give her a lift to a place nearby his office.

Excuse me, may I give you a drop?

No thanks.

Miss, I am going towards Bandra and it’s very difficult to catch an auto-rickshaw from here.

She was getting really late and there was no sign of any other auto-rickshaw. So, she saw no other option other than taking a lift from the gentleman. She hopped into the auto-rickshaw.

Hello let me introduce myself. I am Gul and I work in Bandra.

What about you?

Hello, I am Golom. Well, incidentally I also work in Bandra.

Soon, it was a daily routine. Everyday Gul came to pick up Golom and they traveled together. They exchanged their phone numbers and slowly started long conversations; thanks to the spirit of Mumbai.

Golom was a very possessive girl. She had started liking Gul‘s attitude. She enjoyed Gul‘s company but the only thing she didn’t like was Gul‘s habit of getting late. But Gul was also innocent. No matter how much he tried to be on time, he just couldn’t; thanks to the traffic of Mumbai. All his estimates about reaching on time went wrong; every time.

This had started to irritate Golom very much. Moreover, Gul was worried that it was just the start of a wonderful relationship and already he could not be in time to meet the girl he liked so much. He talked about this issue to his close friend but there was no sign of a true solution to this problem, which was totally out of his control.

Gul was very worried about this issue when suddenly Golom called him up and they decided to go for dinner on the weekend. He was really happy as it was the first time he earned an

opportunity to go out with Golom. He had been after this for a long time now but she didn’t answer him.

Finally, the day came when he decided to propose Golom. He decided to make the weekend dinner a big event. As usual, the day had come for Gul to win his lover. He didn’t want to be late for the dinner. He made a very good schedule in the morning itself and decided to leave an hour before. This was the first time that he had understood planning for meetings. It

was a very good plan. He wanted to reach the hotel earlier and decorate his table with some lovely flowers. He called up the hotel for reservation and decoration. He also set an alarm.

At 6 PM, his alarm rang. Gul packed his bag, wore a nice perfume and left his office well before time. He went down and asked the auto-rickshaw drivers if any of them wanted to go downtown.

Nobody agreed.

Gul was mad at them. He told them that he was a regular customer, but nobody agreed to go. They explained that its rush hour and the roads are packed at this time. One of them agreed to drop him on the highway. He readily accepted. He thought it was a good idea to go on the highway and get another auto-rickshaw or taxi.

On the highway, there was no conveyance available again. Gul stood to wait for almost an hour. He called up Golom to explain the situation and said that he will be reaching soon. Some more time had passed and he was frantic by now. He shouted for help, but there was no one to hear him. Nothing was available. All the auto-rickshaws had just one person sitting in them. He wished that like him someone could share the auto-rickshaw but to his horror, there was no one. he decided to walk his way down for a while.

It had been two hours now. Gul was almost running now.

Meanwhile, Golom was calling him up continuously and he explained that there was no auto-rickshaw or taxi available, so he is walking his way down. She was mad at him. She hated to wait, but Gul, however, kept her busy on the phone.

The traffic was showing no sign of reducing and there was no auto-rickshaw or even taxi available yet. Gul was running at top speed. He was panting badly and his clothes were all wet with sweat and tears. He had to make it somehow, otherwise, he would lose the opportunity to propose to her.

He ran, ran like a bullet, overtaking the speedy cars, almost close to the speed of light when suddenly his clashed a stone sitting like a king, right on the side of the walkway. He crashed and tumbled down with full force and hurt himself badly. He could not walk for a while but his

hands still waved to stop any auto-rickshaw. His eyes still waited for someone to drop him for his first meeting with the girl who he wanted to be his destiny.

Stop, somebody pleases stop. I don’t want to be late. There is still time left. Please stop.

Gul looked at his watch. It was 10 PM. Far later than the scheduled time. He searched for his phone, but it went off when he crashed. Suddenly, everything was over for him. He couldn’t make it. He lost. He got up slowly as an auto-rickshaw driver agreed to drop him till his home.

He reached home and tried calling up Golom several times but she did not answer.

Next day was a holiday. Gul was deeply hurt and went to visit his close friend who stayed on a small hill nearby. The way to the house was through a very shady slum. They reached on top of the hill and he explained everything to his friend. It was a beautiful view of Mumbai from the hill. For the first time, Gul saw the huge city from the top of a hill. He was very frustrated with Mumbai. He was really pissed off and wanted to insult the city; somehow, He stood on the highest rock around. He faced towards the city and started to piss

This is bull shit.

His friend kept quiet. He just smiled and replied.

This is Mumbai.

Gul calmed down and understood what his friend had to say. He understood the nature of this magic city, the city of dreams and decided to try again and not lose hope. He found a chalk nearby and on the rock, he wrote all the names of the city since genesis—MAMHAI, MANBAI, MAYAMBU, MOMBAIN, MOMBAYN, BOABAI, BAOVIDA, BOM BAHIA, BOMBAIM, BOMBAYIM, BOMBEYE, BOON BAY, BAMBAI, SLUMBAY, BOMBAY, MUMBAI.

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