If God Is The Creator, I Have 3 Wishes For The Next Version Of Humankind

I always keep wondering who is the creator of this entire existence. I am not even sure if I’ll get an answer to this question but I have three wishes—for the next version of us—that I want to share with God—the most acceptable creator of the universe.

  1. First wish: Each of us gets two-three or multiple hearts so that, even if one or more break in love, there will be at least one or two in spare. Heartbreaks so cool and keep happening time-to-time.
  2. Second wish: Can there be an eraser that can erase the past as per our wish? Living in the past can be so dangerous and annoying.
  3. Third wish: You have given us hunger which is fine but don’t give stomach. The entire fight in the worlds is due to this sinful stomach. There should be some other way to silent the fire of hunger.

Although I have managed to overcome all of the above three, it has taken me more than three decades to do so.

Not cool.

It will be really good if the creator can think of alternatives that can make humankind better, efficient and truly happy without having to undergo a long spiritual or inner journey like I did; which maybe not necessary at all.

There are many who are lucky to feel the opposite of me but, I still feel there are many many like me who are not so fortunate enough, dear creator.

Where are you?

Are you even listening?

Thank you very much!

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