The Law of Attraction Was Working For 22 Years to Make Me Talk to Her

School years were my wonder years. So much fun and joy, selfless friends, and excitement to finish school to go to college. There are so many moments that I remember. There’re so many friends, crushes, affairs, and mischief that I can’t forget.

But I think what I now call crush or affairs were mainly likeness towards a specific person. And I clearly remember this one person who I always used to like.

She was beautiful, intelligent, and silent. And upon all this, she has silky hair. She didn’t blend much with everyone. She had selected friends and I was among the notorious students of the class, so there was anyway no chance for friendship.

In XA, I used to sit behind her and just waited — the whole day — to ignite a conversation. My eyes were on the teacher but the heart was waiting to grab an opportunity to speak. I’d heard about some Law Of Attraction in school. I used to pray to the universe but it never happened till the end of school life. My heart was shattered into a hundred pieces.

I somehow slipped into college after a lot of waiting and anxiety but I never forgot her. The fire to talk to her once was always alive. The wait never ended. It almost felt like that after my death my eyes would still be open to see that day.

This is too much but this is what it is.

After college, I came out of my dream world and somehow slipped into the real world. I forgot about her in the rat-race. Life was tough and I’ve been always a bad sportsman. The race was furious and I was a tortoise who never won the race. I’d my ways because I never was interested in winning or losing.

Many years passed and I decided to take a gap from the rat-race and reconnect with self, do a little introspection, explore spirituality and become a better human.

I started attending various retreats across the country and I was again introduced to this Law Of Attraction I heard in school. My spiritual coach explained to me about the concept and I saw how it was working on a subconscious level without me noticing it. I got almost everything I aspired for.

But what about her?

In 2017, some of us came together to create a WhatsApp group to connect with long lost school friends. The magic has already begun. I’d forgotten about her but the universe didn’t. The universe brought her into the group through a common friend.

22 years after, after so much trying and forgetting, the universe gifted me what I was seeking in school life. I spoke to her in the capacity of the administrator of the group. I introduced myself and we spoke — for the first time.

She could hardly recognize me but this first time was the first time; completely a fresh start. This first time brought all the shattered pieces together.

Today, we’re the best of friends and we recently met at my birthday party. There was a time where I was thirsty for an exchange of words and that day we talked, laughed, and sang songs.

Life has been generous; always. The universe has always gifted me what I wanted; and what I didn’t. Sometimes I got the gift too early, sometimes I got it quite late. This law is magical. It works if you believe in it and it still works if you don’t. The universe is mystical — it has its ways to surprise you.

It was late and she wanted to leave for home. I went to see her off till her cab. I asked her why she didn’t speak to me in school. She hugged me and said that the universe was planning a grand conversation.

One thought on “The Law of Attraction Was Working For 22 Years to Make Me Talk to Her

  1. Who is the mystery girl?

    Best regards,

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    On 11 September 2017 at 22:35, Agastya Kapoor की दुनिया wrote:

    > Agastya Kapoor posted: ” School years were my wonder years. So much fun > and joy, selfless friends and excitement to finish school to go to college. > There are so many moments that I remember. There are so many friends, > crushes, affairs and mischiefs that I can’t forget. But I thi” >


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