You Won’t Believe What These Three Adults Did To This Little Boy, It’s Shocking!

Gaurav Sharma is a college going boy. I have known him since he was in school. He’s from a economically challenged family background and some of our like-minded friends support his educational needs time-to-time.

The above statement is a stereotype that you must have heard time to time; a thousand times. Every other article talk about underprivileged students, a hero giver and all of that. But this one is with a little twist.

What’s the twist? Who are the characters of this blog post?

Gaurav Sharma

First character is little Gaurav Sharma who is not an underprivileged student. He’s a brilliant and talented student doing his BMM from a college in Mumbai. And yes, he’s from one of those slums in Mumbai that doesn’t decide his fate or is his profile.

He’s a hard-working and committed student who supports a lot of community service with SOMEONE. SOMEWHERE.

Hemang in happy mood.jpg

Second character is this mad man Hemang Chheda who is a ad-man. He’s equally challenged when it comes to sanity.

Ameetha Singh.jpg

Third character is this soulful women Ameetha Singh who is a multi-talented human and a philanthropist by heart.


Fourth character is a technology geek Sushant Kapoor who is a simpleton with a big heart.

Let’s weave this story and narrate it.

When Gaurav started his media college, I had some ideas to support his educational needs. I knew that we would more than money. This is the time when these three angles—Hemang, Ameetha and Sushant —came into picture. They heard the case and without a second thought, offered warm support.

It’s hard to believe what they did but it’s really shocking that such weird creatures still exists. 

Hemang offered his expensive Canon camera kit, Ameetha offered monetary support to pay fee, internet and Sushant offered his laptop.

This may or may not be shocking or surprising to some of you but it is for me. I always wonder from where these few good souls suddenly crop-up in time of distress? I wonder what makes them so selfless and compassionate?

The tools they have offered are simple but they have opened a gate to an entire universe for little Gaurav. He has his weapons in place to fight his war or life. In other words, he has his tools to create his own life. His camera kit comes handy to learn lessons and shoot content. The laptop comes handy to lots of e-learning and editing content. The money comes handy to pay fee and use internet.

In this time of hatred, blame-game, terrorism and madness these few good souls keep the name of humanity alive and I am sure there are many like them in this world who are holding the hands of the needy.


Thank you very much!

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