A Loving Person Lives In A Loving World

There’s always one such person that touches your heart and makes you see a new world. I also met one such person in 1997-98.

Rohan Vaswani is a friend from the days of past glory—college days. As far as my memory goes, he was always a loving, relaxed dude; the cool types. Coming from an affluent military family, he was not at all like the stereotypes. He was not at all like me, and I was not at all like him but there was a heart-to-heart connection somewhere.

His father is a retired IAF officer. When his father was working, they were staying in the posh cantonment area in Mumbai. I had never been to a cantonment area before and this was the first opportunity to see how life is in another world. Later, they shifted to some other cantonment are on the outskirts of Mumbai. I was fortunate to explore that one too!

Coming from a civilian background, it always excites me to visit cantonment areas. I feel like they are another universe and Rohan was the one who opened the gates to the other universe for me.

He has always been loving, kind and simple. Till date, although being at a top corporate profile, he’s free from false ego and always available for friends with the same loving attitude he had 20 years ago.

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