What Is Sweeter Than Belgian Chocolate? Read The Article To Know More

In 2009, I had take a short sabbatical and visited South Africa to learn wildlife film-making. This was the first time I had been out of county for so long. I was excited because I knew that I am going to meet many students from different countries and befriend most of them.

We were a batch of 10; all from different countries. One of the first friends I made was Anaïs Claessens from the land of chocolates—Belgium.


She was quite friendly and we became good friends eventually. I still remember her smile; the whole batch was behind her, I guess. She was a heartthrob of the class and an extremely intelligent and swift student. She told me stories from land, her country. And in return I told her about India. She also told about the cars her father had, her farm and her horse.  I was so damn excited as all this is a luxury in India; that only a handful can posses.

Time passed by, we had to depart. We’re not in touch other than on Facebook. Neither she nor me have the resources to visit each other’s country. But a hope is still living inside our hearts. I had eaten Belgian chocolates but I had never met anyone from Belgium before.

Anaïs has made a deep imprint on my heart. Her kindness, politeness, compassion, smile and sweetness stills runs in my mind. I pray to God that we meet as soon as possible to share our sweetness; my country needs it more than ever.

It’s Never Too Late To Learn Photography, From A Master

I had known Anil Patel as my senor, while working in a post-production studio in Mumbai. But that was not the only side. There were more and I explored them year after year.

I had just begun my career, as a computer graphic artist, in 2000 and joined this studio. Anil was a quite senior person and to me he was the lord of the business—he knew everything, from script to screen. I really used to admire him.

One day, we got a chance to eat lunch together in our small canteen. We both had a tiffin-box from home. I offered him my food and we began talking about our childhood days. He was almost in tears to discuss this touching topic and almost cried narrating his childhood to me. He narrated about flying kites and catching them as they fell on ground. The noise, running, chaos, the narration was so magical. I almost felt myself inside the description. It was a heat-touching moment that I can never forget.

Then, I changed the company and was not in touch for many years. We were not in touch but he was always on my mind. I connected with as soon as I joined Facebook. I always knew that he had multiple talents but this talent of still photography was not known to me. And he had already become as maestro till the time I knew about the fact.

It’s the photographer, not the camera, that is the instrument.

Although, he’s on a top chair in a huge conglomerate, he finds time for his passion for photography and has founded 19th JF to pursue his passion and also teach the same. His pictures are uncanny, out of the world.




I have seen many photographs but his style his different. He does workshops regularly in and around Mumbai. If you’re thinking to learn photography, you should definitely catch hold of Anil in this lifetime. You can check some of his photographs by clicking here.

Change Your Settings, Change Your Life


My internet was not working since few days and I was working with my service provider to solve the issue. Both of us were confused about the solution. And hence, we were struggling. Finally, I could speak to one of their expert who told to check in one setting in the control panel. To my surprise, that setting was wrong and I had to change it. My internet began to work as soon as I changed that setting.

This story can be used a as a metaphor for life. Many a times, we get stuck in a problem and look out for solution. Somehow, we meet a friend/guru/relative/co-worker who provides a simple trick and that trick or setting becomes a solution to our problem. That little setting can our perspective, our thinking process or our lifestyle, but it helps.

These little settings are essential in our life. A little change can change the flow of our life. 

The ‘First Step’ Is The First Step Towards A Successful And Prosperous Life


Taking the first step is the most difficult part; for most of the people. But, as it’s said that a thousand-mile journey starts with one step, the first step can take you far. I want to share some personal experiences to emphasis on the first step.

  • My father was a victim of the Partition of India in 1947. After the partition, there family came to Delhi—from Lahore—with nothing on them. They stayed in a refugee camp for almost a year. There was no way to re-start a life but there was hope. He decided to come to Mumbai and start a new life. He brought his entire family to this new city and slow-slowly built a small empire of dreams.
  • My father-in-law resided in a small hamlet that isn’t on the map of India till date. but he had dreams to make it big in the city of dreams—Mumbai. He came to the city, worked in the day and studies in the night. He gave an examination to join Indian Navy and got selected. He retired few years back as a celebrated officer.
  • My dear school friend got a marriage proposal after college. This proposal came from a prosperous family in a small country; far from India. The proposal was exciting but the thought of starting a new life in a small country was dreadful. But she took up the proposal and is now well settled and leading a much better life than most of us here.

In all of the examples, the people took a certain risk, what we can call the first step to make their life better. What’s in future was not known but there was a direction, faith and perseverance. They had faith in themselves and maybe in their God.

I suggest to all those who are still waiting and thinking for the right time, take the first step. This is the time—right now.


This Man Built The First PC Of The 21st Century


Yes, you’re right, he’s the man who built the first personal computer of the 21st century. But you have to patient to read this article to understand the real fact.

Tabrez Balbbale is my school mate from Mumbai. He’s a computer geek; then and now. I was in my final year of college—in 2000—when I wanted to have my own personal computer to learn computer graphics. And he was the man who assembled a personal AMD computer for me in that year.

Technically, personal computers were assembled many years ago but my universe started when he built one for me in 2000. I cannot forget the joy that this machine brought into my life. Before this I had just pressed few buttons on a personal computer that belonged to my friend but his art and craft transformed my life with the start of the 21st century.

This Pillar, Suddenly, Gives Me A Class!


If you’re in Mumbai, you can find many such pillars in all railway stations. To me, it’s not just a pillar but something much beyond. For those who don’t know, this pillar signifies that the first-class compartment of the local train will stop here. An for those who don’t know the class system in local railway, we have two types of compartments—first, second and there is one more for goods and heavy luggage.

This pillar is a classic symbol of divide and rule ideology practiced by colonial rules and corporate psychopaths. I don;t know from where the divide and rule ideology originate but I think, it’s largely practiced in many parts of the world.

This pillar means that the person traveling in the first-class compartment is first-class traveler because he or she pays ten times the price of the second class compartment. And what’s the difference? I don’t really see much except it’s little empty during few hours of the day. In peak hours, the rush is same as in the second class.

The people are almost the same; same people who litter, same people who don’t let other people come in or step out, same people who are frustrated by the corrupt system, same people who are deprived of many basic rights, same people who are like the head of a matchstick—ready to ignite, same people who give a helping hand to someone new in the city, same people who offer seat to elderly, same people who vote, same people who loose everyday due to the political turmoil, same people who feel joy in small moments, same people who suffer from pain, same people who fall in love and same people who fall from the running train.

The people are almost the same as the people who board the second class.

This pillar suddenly gives me a narcissist feeling of being a first-class human. This pillar suddenly fuels my false ego, it suddenly arouses my cravings, and it suddenly makes me a superior shithead. But, I know that this all is just temporary, false and foolish. One doesn’t become superior or a first-class human by buying tickets to a first-class compartment. The reasons for this compartment maybe different.

This pillar has a certain magic in it. It divides and unites, shows a dream and reality and gives joy and pain—all at the same time. This pillar is not just a piece of architecture but it’s a metaphor for life; my life.

She’s A ‘Blooming Marvel’ In The Universe Of Photography


The participation of women in photography goes back to the very origins of the process. Woman—they always add an extra flavor in whatever they do. And such is a story of this dazzling photographer.

I met Megha Jabbar Thakar while working in the animation studio I worked for 10 years. She wasn’t an active acquaintance but always had a charm one her face and a wild passion in heart—the passion of visual storytelling. She worked meticulously in the studio for many years before realizing her true passion for traveling and photography.

The best part, she realized it.

She’s now is the founder and creative mother behind Megha Thakar Photography that offers wedding, portfolio, travel, children, event and conceptual photography services through India; and beyond. Her work is admired a lot by her clients and followers. One of her best works includes the prestigious photo-shoot of the glorious Miss Karnataka 2017.

Her style is vivid, her passion is wild, her story is out-of-the-box and her visualization is badass. I don’t know much about photography but I am good audience who can appreciate marvelous piece of art and craft.

The picture that you took with your camera is the imagination you want to create with reality.

I always follow her and silently admire her and her models; beautiful models. I always ask her that are they as beautiful from inside as they’re from outside, and I think the answer will need another blog post to explore.

Meanwhile, let me cherish the friendship of this artist who is making this, an otherwise, boring world into something fascinating with her art and craft and her army of ravishing models.