Can Black Or White Be Auspicious Or Inauspicious?

black and white

Different cultures have a different representation of colors; especially black or white.

Let’s explore.

People wear white in Hindu funeral, while people black in a Christian funeral. Indian babies have applied a black dot on the forehead to protect them from the evil eye, while a temple for home is built with white marble. Throughout the world, black and white cars sell the most.

Cult practices like applying a black dot on the forehead still rule in India. The black cat is considered evil. This suggests that black isn’t a favorable color, or we can say it’s considered inauspicious. Then how come, black dress and a black car is favored? Why is the hair black? Even the stone lingam of Lord Shiva is black?

I have explained in my earlier blog post about the science and psychology of color. Color is purely based on perception and is pure physics. So, are colors; especially black or white, auspicious and inauspicious or is it in our mind? Is black and white good or bad, or is it in our distorted life values, our hypocrisy?

We give an adjective to each and every creature and phenomenon in nature. We give adjectives to animals and demean them. We do the same time, duration of the day, and disrespect natural process.

Is black or white the culprit or is it our dead conscience?

Thank you very much!

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