This Dude Is The Wormhole To The Lost Universe, Of My Old Days


There was a time when I was complete disconnected, and even lost. I was out of touch, rather chose to be, with my school friends. School, the wonder years, was just a lost memory until I created a WhatsApp group to connect, after 22 years.

It all started with this school friend whom I owned a long pending apology. She came to Mumbai and we met. I asked for forgiveness and was granted one. She expressed her interest to meet more friends form school. By this time, I had already created this group with a couple of friends. After her permission, I added her but she had been continuously talking about this particular name which seemed familiar—Vinay Jain.

I found him out trough Facebook and connected with him. I messaged him and ti my surprise, Vinay recognized me immediately—even after a gap of 22 years. We spoke for a while; about good old times and wonderful present. He reminded of something I did to him in last year of school that he couldn’t forget.

Nope! We’re not homosexual.

In fact, there was some visual communication exchanged that became a sweet-bitter memory. After the conversation, I added him in the group and to my surprise, within no time he added almost half the school in the group.

This man, my old friend, has a phenomenal Hippocampus. He bloody, knows the whole class of 1995. This man not only has an exceptional memory but also has a magical connection with all of them till date.

Vinay, is a not only a exceptional human being but also quite kind, compassionate and loving. He’s like an Oracle of the group—he almost knows it all. Everyone is so comfortable with him and we all love him very much. He’s the one who has connected me—like Einstein’s field theory—to my lost universe, lost time and wonder years.

Recently, he used his innovative design thinking to create a quiz that brought all of us together at the same time on chat. The unleashed fond memories that got buried inside us in the race of life.

I am glad to be connected to such angels in this life time. He has worked as a one of the top employees of huge corporations but yet he’s so humble and simple, accompanied by this magic friend—his son Arjun.

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