Beyond: Spirit Of A Woman

It was a bright sunny day. Mrs. Kapoor was leaving for work when the phone rang.

Good morning aunt, Maggie here.

Oh! Good morning child.

Maggie had called to inform her that she is would be coming to the city and staying with her for a couple of days. She was Mrs. Kapoor’s to be daughter-in-law. She stayed away from the city but visited the Kapoor family often. She was supposed to meet her boyfriend the following weekend.

She usually stayed with the Kapoor family, but this time the situation was different. Mrs. Kapoor informed her that their home would be under maintenance and refurbishing for a couple of days and hence needed to be vacated for that period. But she gave her an option of putting up at their other residence nearby which was on rent. She told her that she will talk to the lady who was currently occupying it and also assured her that it would not be a problem, anyway it was a matter of just one night. They both agreed to this. Mrs. Kapoor called up her tenant immediately and explained everything. The tenant—Sim—readily agreed to this and promised to extend all help possible.

It was very late in the night when the bell rang. Sim opened the door and saw this beautiful girl standing in front of her.

Hello, Sim, I am Maggie!

Oh, I see. Come in please, but you were supposed to come in the morning?

Good I am here early no? So now I can talk to you the whole night.

Sim showed her the room and asked her to get fresh. She then prepared some food for her and invited her to the dining table. Maggie was hungry, so she ate non-stop without uttering a word. As soon as she finished, they both sat near the French window of the house and started talking.

Maggie took out a cigarette and offered Sim, but she refused. Maggie was a very talkative girl and loved making new friends. She told her about her relationship with Mrs. Kapoor’s son, how they met, how he proposed to her and all about her past. She also told her about her future plans. When Sim asked her about friendship, she said that friendship is a relation of the soul, not mind, heart, and body-soul which is always seeking.

She was so excited and talkative that she didn’t let Sim speak at all. It was getting pretty late and they finally decided to sleep, in Sim’s room. Sim woke up in the morning and saw that Maggie was missing. She couldn’t understand this. They had spent the whole night talking to each other and now she had suddenly disappeared without even informing her. Sim did not like this, so she called Mrs. Kapoor to inquire whether Maggie was with her.

Good morning Mrs. Kapoor. Is Maggie with you?


Aunt, is Maggie with you? She came to my house last night. She arrived earlier than expected and now suddenly she is gone.

Mrs. Kapoor observed silence for a while; she asked her if that girl was really Maggie or somebody else. She was almost in tears as she explained that Maggie was no more. The bus, in which she was traveling, had a brutal accident and she was killed. Mrs. Kapoor also informed Sim that her son was on his way to Maggie’s home with the body.

Sim was shocked and fainted on hearing this. What really happened was a mystery. Did Maggie want to meet her because she loved making friends? Did she want to make a last new friend before starting the heavenly journey?

It was for sure that her soul was present. She proved her definition of friendship. Her soul was seeking a true friend even till the last minute. She has gone but her words have given a beautiful dimension to our thoughts.

Some questions are never answered and it’s better that way. They defy the law of nature and exceed beyond science, beyond human knowledge; beyond all answers.

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