The Eco-DeboNAIR!

I have met many ruffians and personal enforcers in my life but this man is the most different of all, rather the most respected one. I always watch him from far near my residence, as he gets all the work done at a construction site. This time I was determined to go near him and actually talk to him.

साला, एक भी पेड़ को कुछ हुआ ना तो तेरी वाट लगा दूंगा |

I was quietly standing next to him; waiting to finish his dose to the opposite party, as he was screwing his happiness.

And then suddenly came !@$$#%$%%#%#$%$%**&^%#

Oops, I said to myself and started walking away but he noticed me and asked me whether I had some work with him. I know him for a long time now. He’s the OSD—Officer on Special Duty—to a famous builder of our area. He is there all day long, doing his daily chores. Everybody knows him and guess, also scared of him and you should definitely check all the bling he wears. Locket, chain, rings, watch etc. all made of gold. That alone might be costing a fortune!

Once I asked him whether OSD means a goon or personal enforcer but he explained to me that he is just a manager at the site. But somehow, I was never convinced. How could he manage to buy so much gold being just a manager?

All was true, until today when I actually talked to him for a while.

I asked him why was he angry on the phone and he replied me something that changed my entire outlook towards him. I got to know a very different side of him. I got to know his name for the first time—Anil Nair. He told me everything about his job and the way he is. But the one thing that moved my heart was that the man is an environment lover. This one is killer, builder’s man an Eco-friendly man? Sounds weird!

But, the truth is that he was speaking on the phone to a man who is careless in his work and is a nature destroyer and he gets mad at such people. He told me that he is very particular about the environment because it’s because of the environment that the human is surviving. He completely believes the sustainable way of life and keeps planting trees wherever possible.

I was shocked to know that all the greenery in and near my society was planted by him when the whole structure was being created. He is also an animal lover and takes care of the stray dogs in the area—feeds them and gets them sterilized.

I am so surprised and out of my mind to know all this. Sometimes we draw a completely wrong picture of people. All this while I had a very negative and different image if this man. I considered him a goon but maybe he’s not that, he’s an Eco-Warrior or in our Mumbai style, environmental goon, fighting for the right of the flora. He’s a unique green hero tough to find in this age of materialism and builderization of India.

Whatever he is, I don’t care, I am thankful to myself that I could talk to this man but the secret of the gold ornaments still remains. Is that the reward for the job? Is that fake? Whenever I ask him, he just smiles and says nothing.

Thank you very much!

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