First Year Junior College

I scored a distinction in SSC board. 78% was considered a very high percentage in 1995. School life was exciting but I was really very eager to finish school and enter college life. My teachers at school always wanted me to go to a very good college in the city, so I joined one of the best college in the city.

I will, I can—was the motto of the college. It was an old college next to the blue Arabian sea. The location of the college was the first thing that had impressed me and next was the peer-crowd. My college boasted of the best peer-crowd in the city. The students were from affluent families of the uptown. The girls were pretty like fairies. I had never seen any girl wearing short skirts before, ever in my life. The young boys of my age drove fast cars with loud music. The loud noise and pretty girls covered the college campus all the while.

Coming from a lower-middle class family from far north of the city, all this was an extreme fantasy for me. I was not sure that if I would be able to cope up with this flashy lifestyle but I was convinced with the quality of life. The first day was the best day in my life. A senior student called upon me.

Show me your identity card and if you want it back, bow down to my feet.

I didn’t understand what was happening but to me she was like my elder sister, so, I bowed to her feet to take her blessings. she was quite embarrassed.

Duffer, I am ragging you. can’t you understand?

Oops, no, I don’t

I think she felt pity on me that moment and returned me my identity card. She asked my name and was also very kind enough to introduce me to her friends. The day was getting better. After some inquiries, I found out my section. It was section D, for the students who got admission in the last list—I was the second last lucky fellow.

Section D was a small class and out of sheer habit, I made myself comfortable in the second last bench. I dressed in a very uncommon way to them, so the girls made me a topic of comic. However, I introduced myself to the pretty girls. There were a bunch of them but the girl that stole my life was this girl. She was the prettiest girl I ever saw in life. She was in a short skirt and wore a sleek spectacle. The cupid struck me and I told to myself that she’s the only one I had been looking for.

I am ******.

Such a unique and lovely name. I replied her my name but there was a pause on her face. to my surprise she could not understand my local language. I really hated myself that day but eventually we both went along well and learnt each other’s language very well. We shared the same bench along with some others pretty girls and they went along with me very well because I was strong in Economics; really good with figures.

The day which changed my life was a stormy one. The city was flooded with heavy rainfall, but my love for the college forced me to attend lectures fighting against all odds. Luckily, the new friend, too, was there early morning to attend the class.

Hey, how on earth did you manage to come today, Agastya?

It’s your love which has brought this desert to the rain, ******.

She was quite impressed with my valor and suddenly I became the superman of the college, because of my strong commitment towards attendance. Even the Economics professor promised all the students 10 marks extra in next examinations. Soon, the recess college was declared closed for the day. I proposed ****** for a coffee in the canteen and she readily accepted my warm invitation.

Canteen was the most comfortable zone in the college. We bought ourselves 2 cups of coffee and parked ourselves in my favourite seat near the balcony. The corner was reserved only for couples and that day I was with the most beautiful girl in the college; discussing Economics.

How can I contact you for notes, Agastya?

Well, I don’t have a phone but you can give me your number and I’ll call you when you need me.

Great. It’s 5127202.

Can I call you today evening ******?

Yes, at around 5 pm.

We parted shortly. I accompanied her till the bus stop, came back in the washroom and shouted Yes. It was the first time in life I could manage to ask a girl’s telephone number. I was filled with tremendous joy. That was definitely the best day in my life till date. Immediately, I caught a train back to home and the prepared myself to call her for the first time. I spent the rest of the day waiting for evening.

The worst thing about time is that it never passes away quickly when you really want it to. So, I just waited like a statue in front of the clock till 5 pm. Finally, I called her up and spoke for 2 hours. We went along really well and as days passed my, we were the best of the friends.

****** was fond of roses. So, everyday I bought her a rose from the money I used to get for breakfast. I never understood whether it was an infatuation, love or mere likeness, but it was all so good. By the end of the year I was almost her Economics professor.

Time passed by so soon when I really wanted it to move slowly. The end of the first year was around the corner. I thought of a very innovative way of taking autographs of friends. I wore a white shirt and asked everybody to sign on the shirt. She signed too; on the heart. She didn’t write her name but wrote 5127202 on my shirt.

The day was over and I was very tired. I called her up to thank her for the wonderful friendship. The night was quite tough for me as I was not sure if could be in the same class next year. With all such thoughts in mind, I don’t know when I went far deep in my dreams of the first year junior college.

The next day the doorbell woke me up. It was the courier boy who had brought a parcel for me. I immediately opened it up to see the content. It was a greeting card. With tears in my eyes, I read the message—Happy 38th Birthday, from 5127202.

Thank you very much!

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