Creative Swami

हरे कृष्णा !

I was greeted each other in Govardhan Eco-Village, a marvel made in a village in Maharashtra. This place belongs to ISKCON for whom I was working on an audio-visual project.

I met Swami Radhavallabh Das on the campus who was our project manager from ISKCON. I always get amazed whenever I meet this man. He’s such a cool dude. An IITan by academics and then did Ph.D—in God knows what—and later turned into spirituality.

I went there assuming that I am the only creative person on the block but was really surprised that he was one such man too. He knew the technical jargon, process, and application of the audio-visual medium. This took my breath away!

He lives in a small hut in the village, the hut that is made by heaven directly and spends the day teaching holy scriptures to the devotees; most of them who are foreigners. He’s also a very learned man and we spend quite a time in discussing Bhagvad Gita. While, the shoot, he told me so many things about the wisdom of eating habits and the science of what he calls Vedic foodology, actually I coined the term for him in the first meeting.

If you’re inspired to meet him, visit ISKCON temple in south Mumbai and just ask for the creative swami—RVD.


4 thoughts on “Creative Swami

  1. Congratulations you have been nominated for Blogger Recognition Award via The Ugly Writers. Also i have been a fan of your blog, i read it and enjoy it and know wonderful things through it. I just love your blog.

    Thank You Have a Great day!! Mohit Gupta


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