Her Imagination Established A Library In A Village In Nagaland, India


One day my friend called me to ask for help. He had a friend, Mansi Shouche, in London who imagined to collect old and unused children books to create a library somewhere in India. I immediately agreed as I had a similar vision and bandwidth to take up this mission.

He connected us both and thus began a beautiful coordination of two souls, two cities that had one goal. A friend helped to select a school in a remote village in north-eastern region of India—Nagaland. This place is very far and even far from Mumbai where the books were being collected. She was also collecting books in London and together we collected around 1,000 books that were taken by me personally to this school.

This is the power of common public, technology and social media. This is what happens when just a handful of alert humans come together and decide to BE THE CHANGE rather than blaming or clapping. Read the full story here.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Albert Einstein.

So, please don’t stop being imaginative because everything starts with a wild imagination. Just start and the whole universe will support you.

Thank you very much!

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