Magic Happens, When Two Great Men Meet


You wouldn’t recognize these men in the photo; definitely if you’re not an Indian or not in the world of music and poetry. But this photo’, taken by Guru Dhanoa, is one of the greatest visual frame ever. This photo has two one the greatest men, of music and poetry, that planet has ever seen.

Ghansham Vaswani is a radical singer and one of the most popular Ghazal singer from India. His voice has a magic. You have to hear him to believe what I mean. Nida Fazli was one of the greatest poet and lyricist ever born. Many singers have used the magic of his words to render their songs. Listen this song; a splendid product to their magical team effort.

This photo is memorable for me as it has a message of love, kindness, compassion and gratitude. Music and poetry knows no borders, greed, caste, hatred and all of that; it just knows true, everlasting love and happiness. And the two masters have been promoting these values all along.

Thank you very much!

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