Italy Or India, Mothers And Photos Are Same

I found this photo on the wall of my friend Denise Castelli in her Facebook profile. I inquired about the family, time and place. This was taken somewhere near the Italy-France border in 1977. The photo was posted by her on account of Mother’s Day.

Such a lovely family reminded me of my family but more interestingly, it took my attention to the color reproduction they had in 1977.


Above is my family photo in 1980 that is a monochrome photograph. But interestingly, the pose and the style looks almost similar. Same cute faces of children and same loving face of the mother.

And as we talk about mothers, I realized one thing that they’re the same; everywhere. Although, I have not seen the world this photograph can give me an idea of divine motherhood across the globe. I can also notice both of the children wearing the same clothes that were a fashion of our time. I and my brother also used to wear the same clothes.

This photo has a past glory, a story to tell and when I connect it with my family photo, there is some mysterious difference as well as similarities we share with people across the globe.

I think this is the essence of a global village mentioned in Maha Upanishad—an ancient Indian scripture.

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