His Songs Have Created a Borderless World

Since childhood, I’m a ghazal fan. Nowadays young people don’t listen to it, although this isn’t completely true, as compared to the older generation.

There’re big names who rule this genre and are very popular. I also listen to them but this was a problem. I was under the impression that this genre is going to die because the young generation isn’t promoting it. But I was wrong — thank God.

Till a decade ago there were many live concerts. But as time passed, people also passed away and slowly-slowly the concerts were very limited. I was missing the old days when one day I saw an advertisement for an alive concert in Mumbai. I attended and there I saw this prodigy singing some songs that tore my heart into pieces.

tauseef akhtar

Tausef Akhtar isn’t a nondescript name nowadays; especially in the field of ghazal singing. He’s on the of youths who are promoting the genre is full swing. Son of a popular poet and trained from the maestro Jagjit Singh, he’s breaking all records with his special style and vision. He’s done a solid fusion of Indian classical singing and contemporary Welsh music.

आ के ग़ज़लों से कोई टूटा हुए दिल जोड़ें,
वरना बेकार ये लफ़्ज़ों का हुनर जायेगा |
इतनी छोटी सी ये दुनिया है, किधर जायेगा |

I’m glad to see that the art and craft of ghazal singing are taking new heights with support and creative ideas of this young man. And, not to forget, he’s probably the first man to do live streaming sessions of his singing while the world listens to him quietly without the interruptions of international borders.

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