He Gave Me A Boon—A Book


Rajiv Kessop and I used to work in the same animation studio I keep taking about. He was in the lighting department when I met him. He’s very sharp, handsome and learned young man and I used to listen to all his stories because he read a lot of books.

I wasn’t reading a lot those days but one day he suggested me to read book called Maximum City and this book changed my life forever. It’s the book that brought out the dormant reader in me. In college, I used to read a lot but then I stopped it completely due to nonsensical reasons.

His one suggestion was like a boon for me and after that, there was no stop. I read hundreds of books; including many fat ancient scriptures—just because of this one angel who came into my life.

People like Rajiv, come into your life secretly for a purpose. They’re kind, compassionate and talented. He has also helped me a lot in some of my social causes. Hence, I suggest never take them for granted and take whatever you can from these reservoirs of knowledge and goodness.

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