The Forbidden Heroes Of India

भले पधारो अतिथि, भले पधारो | This man was shouting in the spirit of welcoming us to his little home. He was so excited as if he had seen humans from the city for the first time in life. And, actually was almost like I said. The back-story is something like this. I had been on … Continue reading The Forbidden Heroes Of India

A Meeting With Veerappan Lookalike

Holy shit! This is Veerappan Part II. Immediately my mind shouted. For those who don’t know who this gentleman is, here is a brief. Veerappan commonly known as sandalwood smuggler was an Indian bandit who was active for years in scrub and forest lands covering about 6,000 km² in south India. I met him while we were … Continue reading A Meeting With Veerappan Lookalike

Global Pilgrim

Here is the story of my mentor Yogesh Mathuria, from Mumbai, with whom I walked 300 plus km for peace. I walked with him for 20 days; without any money. Isn’t this awesome? He's not an ordinary man! He’s an angel in disguise, a messiah of peace who has completed walking more than 10,000+ km … Continue reading Global Pilgrim

This Man Has Brought His Remote Tribal Village On The Map Of India

A few years ago, I was on a no-money walking pilgrimage. We had to hunt for host families for a night stay during our walk. And, this man came like an oasis in the desert because that day we couldn’t find one. I don’t know the divine messenger who told him about our peace pilgrimage but he … Continue reading This Man Has Brought His Remote Tribal Village On The Map Of India

Please Behave, Cabin Crew Is Our Family In The Skies

Thousands of youth dream to become a cabin crew and make their dream come true with one of the major airlines. It's a dynamic profession that offers countless opportunities for personal and professional growth. Their office is the clouds, high up in the sky. The role of a cabin crew derives from that of similar … Continue reading Please Behave, Cabin Crew Is Our Family In The Skies

The Strangest Question On Earth

Why are they selling roti here? This is what he said when he went to a restaurant for the first time in his life. This is the line that has ripped my heart. It’s one of the most philosophical questions I’ve heard in my life. For me, this question has left behind the greatest philosophers … Continue reading The Strangest Question On Earth

Her Imagination Established A Library In A Village In Nagaland, India

One day my friend called me to ask for help. He had a friend, Mansi Shouche, in London who imagined to collect old and unused children books to create a library somewhere in India. I immediately agreed as I had a similar vision and bandwidth to take up this mission. He connected us both and … Continue reading Her Imagination Established A Library In A Village In Nagaland, India

Magic Happens, When Two Great Men Meet

You wouldn't recognize these men in the photo; definitely, if you're not an Indian or not in the world of music and poetry. But this photo—taken by Guru Dhanoa—is one of the greatest visual frame ever. This photo has two one of the greatest men, of music and poetry, that planet has ever seen. Ghansham … Continue reading Magic Happens, When Two Great Men Meet

His Master’s Voice

I see this dog waiting here, at the same spot, every day. I don't know for what and no one knows. No idea what's going on but this reminds me of HMV logo—the dog quietly listening to the voice on a gramophone. Here there is no gramophone, but maybe there is an invisible one that I … Continue reading His Master’s Voice

Mr. Courageous

Recently, I had been on an adventure trip in the villages of Gujarat and passed this small town, very close to the hometown of our Prime Minister. At first, I thought it was VISAnagar as everybody in Gujarat is trying to get a visa to the USA, but it's actually Visnagar. In the evening, I … Continue reading Mr. Courageous

Why Isn’t India On Top Of The Good Country Or Happiness Index?

Simon Anholt is the founder of the Good Country Index which measures what each country on earth contributes to the common good of humanity, and what it takes away, relative to its size. Similarly, the United Nations publishes a Word Happiness Report every year. Each report is organized by chapters that delve deeper into issues relating to happiness, including mental … Continue reading Why Isn’t India On Top Of The Good Country Or Happiness Index?

First Boss Is Like First Love!

I was in junior college—in 1996—and decided to do a summer internship somewhere. I didn't have any contact but elder brother referred me to his friend. I got lucky; was immediately taken up for the job. The job was in a shop called Taurus Motors near my home and Saket Singh, the owner and partner … Continue reading First Boss Is Like First Love!

This IAF Officer Taught Me A Lesson Of A Lifetime

In 2001, I was on a short sabbatical and traveling to New Delhi from Mumbai; in a train. Our Indian trains are really one of the wonders of the world. If you don't believe me, get on it once. Nothing bad, it's just really a joyful roller-coaster ride. I was traveling in class II sleeper … Continue reading This IAF Officer Taught Me A Lesson Of A Lifetime

The CIVIL SANYASI Of 21st Century

I met Vihang Suryavanshi in the first animation studio I worked in—around 2001. At that time, he was a regular artist like me but when I met him after a decade in another studio, I was flabbergasted. He had completely changed. He's a reservoir of wisdom, especially Vedic one. He's a Bhagavad Gita scholar and … Continue reading The CIVIL SANYASI Of 21st Century

The Weaver Of A Billion Dreams

Today marks three years of Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister or, as he says, Prime Servant of India. No article may do justice to describe this man and his work, but this is my humble effort to write a few lines on him. Lovers—don't get excited and Haters—don't feel ecstasy, this article is from a … Continue reading The Weaver Of A Billion Dreams

Little Arjun Hit Me Straight In The Heart

Last night, I was chatting on WhatsApp with my school friend Vinay Jain. Suddenly, his son sent some recorded messages. First, I thought it was my friend with a distorted voice but later he told me that it's his son Arjun. The little one's voice was so divine that it took me 30-35 years back … Continue reading Little Arjun Hit Me Straight In The Heart

I Pressed My First Button On His Computer

I am a computer graphic artist now but I was an alien to the computer till 1997-98. It was a novelty and an expensive gadget that only fortunate few could afford. And the fortunate one was my college friend Ravi Tandon. He was a computer geek in college and I used to visit his home … Continue reading I Pressed My First Button On His Computer

Italy Or India, Mothers And Photos Are Same

I found this photo on the wall of my friend Denise Castelli in her Facebook profile. I inquired about the family, time and place. This was taken somewhere near the Italy-France border in 1977. The photo was posted by her on account of Mother's Day. Such a lovely family reminded me of my family but … Continue reading Italy Or India, Mothers And Photos Are Same

The Unforgettable Journey Of The Ghazal Maestro

Jagjit Singh inspired millions across the globe. He is the man who revolutionized Indian semi-classical music, as in ghazal, and brought it to the masses globally. Without a doubt, he is among the tallest luminaries in the history of world music. He was the only Indian singer who was also a songwriter, a composer, and an arranger—a … Continue reading The Unforgettable Journey Of The Ghazal Maestro

The Laughing Buddha—Reincarnated, Remixed

This story isn't a simple and short one.  It actually started in circa 500 BC with the birth of Prince Siddhartha. Most of us know about the journey of this prince who left his luxurious life in quest of existence, to find the root of misery and to discover the root of true, ultimate happiness. … Continue reading The Laughing Buddha—Reincarnated, Remixed

His Songs Have Created A Borderless World

Since childhood, I have been a ghazal fan. Nowadays young people don't listen to it, although this is not completely true, as compared to the older generation. There are big names who rule this genre and are very popular. I also listen to them but this was a problem. I was under the impression that this … Continue reading His Songs Have Created A Borderless World

Her Handwriting Is The Eighth Wonder For Me

Good handwriting is a sign of healthy Mind. Mahatma Gandhi When I was in school, between 1985-1995, we had a strong emphasis on handwriting. There was no digital medium of writing, so it was purely with pencil, in primary school, and with an ink pen, in secondary school. I was quite good at academic and … Continue reading Her Handwriting Is The Eighth Wonder For Me

Revisiting Childhood Memories: Fleet Of Passion

I loved Hot Wheels as a child. I guess, all the kids of 1990s had the same feeling. I remember that I used to get one—from mother—each time I passed a school examination. I used to play with them for hours together and still have most of them with me. I was such a passionate car-monger … Continue reading Revisiting Childhood Memories: Fleet Of Passion

My Gratitude To The Forgivers

I never paid attention to asking for forgiveness from the ones I hurt, until the day I got hurt repeatedly. I attended a spiritual retreat that taught me to introspect and look inside. My Guru told that it's all inside. I was taught how to introspect for days together and to my shock, I found my … Continue reading My Gratitude To The Forgivers

The Multi-Talented Teacher

I had many-many teachers in my life but Natasha DS is one who I can't forget; actually, forget is not the right expression as I haven't forgotten any of them but I remember her every day. Why? You'll explore in a minute. She was, after academic life, my first English teacher. She was appointed to teach … Continue reading The Multi-Talented Teacher


Paan is the pride of India—the favorite food after food. It's beautiful in colors and delicious in taste. It's a culture and is available in many sizes, tastes and the cost also vary. One vendor sells it for Rupees 1,000. It contains thin leaves of silver and gold. That's really insane but people are crazy … Continue reading Paan-Parade!

My Name is Khan, Muslim Khan

I met Muslim Khan in South Mumbai while doing my customary street-story recce and I couldn't resist talking to him. He was decorated with all his stuff and had people all around his shop. I was confused but then realized he's a popular paan vendor from the locality. He was quite busy but somehow, I got … Continue reading My Name is Khan, Muslim Khan

Man With A Golden Heart

I have met many friends, co-workers, bosses, leaders, magicians in life but this man is different than all, all of them. I met him many years ago at my workplace. He joined as a Production Head of the animation studio I used to work in. The story of a genuine friendship and learning began the … Continue reading Man With A Golden Heart

The Only Celeb Friend

Well, if you're thinking that this article is about his films and all the splendid work he does, you're are not thinking differently. This isn't about the great Ananth Mahadevan we all know, rather it's about this humble and enlightened man I know. I am a selfish man and all the articles on this blog … Continue reading The Only Celeb Friend