The Toughest Decision of My Life

My mother was in a coma for one month; before passing away in 2015. She was suffering from low blood pressure that made her sleep so long. She was on the ventilator and the doctor, in fact, no one, was sure if she could ever come back and become like before. Even if she was to come back, she would be like a vegetable.

The doctor directed me to take the decision — to remove the ventilator or not. Removal of ventilator meant sure death and keeping it meant slow but possible death. The cost of the machines and hospital was unbearable and there was no hope.

I still remember the night when the doctor gave me a form and suggested I think about the removal of the artificial respiratory pipeline. I thought the whole night about it. It was hard — I cried but the decision had to be taken. That one night I’d to decide to let go of the mother who decided to keep me in her womb for nine months. I’d to let go of the mother who brought me into this world.

I had to make a decision — the toughest one of my life.

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