Remembering College Days—17 Years Later


After my amazing school life, I chose to go to a college that is radical and mainly, far from my residence. I had to get out of that well and explore a different universe. Luckily, I got good percentage; at least I thought so. I was lucky to get admission into one of the most popular college of South Mumbai—Jai Hind College—after my name was last in the last list.

This college is close to the beautiful Arabian sea; close to the popular Marine Drive. For me, it was a new universe altogether as I came from suburbs; that too a notorious one. The first day of college was exciting as a group of girls—from a senior class—tried to rag me, but in vain. In fact, we even became friends after that. Ragging wasn’t the thing that worked on a boy who came from such a place in the city but I enjoyed the attempt.

First year junior college was the best time of my college life. I made many new friends, and specially, my first female friend. Our conversation was something like this; after initial introduction:

Where do you live?


Where is that?


I have never heard about it.

It’s far but in the Northern part of the city.

Oh sorry, I know only about the South part.

I realized, for the first time in life, that people in the South don’t know much about the city and I was like an alien to many of my peers. Maybe it was my clothing style, maybe my language, I don’t know but something was surely odd about me but I blended well eventually. I also had many false assumptions and misconceptions about the people from South of the city that got cleared within few weeks. They were nothing like what I have heard all my life, in fact completely opposite—warm and friendly. Rest of the college life was full of fun and frolic—I made a friend who lived in love lane, a friend who had his own car, a friend who had his own mobile phone.

Recently, thanks to technology, I had an opportunity to be a part of an WhatsApp group that has many of my batch mates. I am so happy that we could connect again and finally meet after 17 years. Although, I had met some of them personally, meeting so many at one time was one of the most beautiful things that has happened to me in life.

We met with the same energy as we used to meet in college. Looks like the past is just one day behind. It seems that college life has just ended or maybe not—it’s still on. Everything comes in front of my eyes like a feature film. Long lost friends are now a click away—many are in foreign countries but technology plus love has conquered distance, won hearts and healed all wounds.

Thank you very much!

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