The Umbrella Of Love

The other day it was raining and didn’t have an umbrella. I was getting wet and this man was walking in front of me with a nice black umbrella. I was thinking to ask him for help just then he came up to me and offered me a share in his umbrella. I was thrilled.

His name was Kanan Das. He was returning home from work. Coincidentally, we shared the same area of residence. Touched by this man’s compassion for the stranger, I invited him to the inauguration ceremony of our community-learning center scheduled for the next day.

We don’t need Superman or Spiderman, rather we need people like him who are simple day-to-day heroes and have lots of compassion and love in their hearts.

We didn’t share any blood relation but we shared a special relation called humanity. That is what connected us through a beautiful product — umbrella.

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