Girl Power

You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination. This is what Khushboo Yadav and Gulafsha Shaikh believe. Here are two young ladies who are making a change. Both have studied in a community-learning center in Mumbai and now they teach in such community-learning center. Coming from a … Continue reading Girl Power

In Conversation With—Coconut Amma

Once upon a time, I was walking on the beautiful streets of Puducherry and I noticed the famous woman coconut vendor—Coconut Amma. I couldn't stop and we had a striking conversation: Mother, please give me coconut water. Water or creamy? Take the creamy one, it's sweeter. Yummy, it's so sweet and cold. You're the first … Continue reading In Conversation With—Coconut Amma

Moments At The Hotel Taj Mahal Palace

I was born in a lower-middle-class family who settled in Mumbai; after the partition of united India. Belonging to this social class has always been a blend of boon and curse for me. There was always anxiety, excitement, awe, fear, and so many emotions; especially in my early years. There were dreams, aspirations, etc. and one … Continue reading Moments At The Hotel Taj Mahal Palace

Salman, Jeep, Driver and Gossip 

चलो, चलो चलो, सवारी १० रुपये | He was shouting at the top of his voice. I also wanted to ride to my destination in north Gujarat. I fought like a child—although I am still one—and took the front seat in his Jeep. He put his favorite USB drive full of regional songs. I was … Continue reading Salman, Jeep, Driver and Gossip 

Rural India’s Digital Leader

I had visited a tribal school near my city lately. The visit was to support this marginalized and neglected community for digital literacy. I and few friends collected old laptops and we shared in few schools in Karjat district—2 hours from Mumbai. Our coordinator introduced us to Arjun Sakpal from a nearby village. He’s the man … Continue reading Rural India’s Digital Leader

Don’t Judge Unless You’re Perfect: Part I

The famous quote by Buddha means a lot to me and is the fundamental principle of my life. And, I don't just go by philosophy, I actually research on it and make my conclusions. So, I did an experiment for one year with a group of people from my housing society here in Mumbai. The … Continue reading Don’t Judge Unless You’re Perfect: Part I

In Conversation With—A Garbage Collector

I met this garbage collector many days ago. I can't forget the moments we spent together. He was such a gentleman and we had a spectacular conversation. What are you collecting? Garbage. Oh, you sell plastic and earn, is it? Yes, I am poor rag-picker, Sir. My name is not Sir. I have a name. … Continue reading In Conversation With—A Garbage Collector

In Conversation With—A Piece Of Roti

I have started walking in morning; in my housing society compound. Since many days, I had been noticing pieces of roti on the back side. I was curious to know who keeps there pieces there and why the pieces are kept there. I couldn't resist and one fine day, I and the lonely pieces had a … Continue reading In Conversation With—A Piece Of Roti

5 Powerful Lessons From Quran

It's my strong belief that the Quran contains one of the best personal-development technologies in existence. Islam has all the tools we need to succeed and we must put them to use. The following lessons can transform our lives in profound ways! Every little thing matters Anyone who does an atom’s weight of good will see it, and … Continue reading 5 Powerful Lessons From Quran

God Is Watching Us—From A Distance

I experienced a moment of enlightenment while listening to one song of artist Bette Milder. I have heard it 100 times before but never realized that it has such a beautiful meaning. And it's so much relevant in today's time. We break traffic rules, litter, tell lies, speak ill about others, contribute to corruption, destroy the … Continue reading God Is Watching Us—From A Distance

Why Happiness Is So Important?

Happiness is so important to us, both as individuals and as a world, primarily because happiness is really all there is. As human beings, although we possess cognitive abilities and are highly thought oriented, the quality of our lives is ultimately entirely determined by our emotions. For example, which life would you rather have; that of … Continue reading Why Happiness Is So Important?

First Class Loneliness

I was traveling to CST by train one day and I saw this beautiful scene. My hand automatically went towards the camera to take capture this moment. It's a moment of irony, loneliness, pain, madness and so many other emotions that no one, other than the man himself, knows about. I don't know what happened … Continue reading First Class Loneliness

Forgive And Feel Happier

Few people realize the huge impact the ability to forgive can have on their happiness, nor do most people think of this as a skill that they need to teach and practice with their children. But important it is: forgiving people tend to be happier, healthier, and more empathetic. The inability to forgive, on the other … Continue reading Forgive And Feel Happier

In Conversation With—Hair Color

I had been to saloon the other day. Every-time I go the staff, one of them is always after my life to color my hair. This time something different happened. While I was waiting for my turn for a haircut, I had a striking conversation with the hair color kit sitting in front of me: … Continue reading In Conversation With—Hair Color

Perspective Matters

कचरे वाला-कचरे वाला, आ गया कच्रेवाला | He comes every day and yells this. Today, I thanked him and just asked for a correction. आप सफाईवाला हो, कच्रावाला मैं हूँ | All this while, he had been saying that he is the garbage man but I realized that he's not the one who makes garbage, he cleans—we … Continue reading Perspective Matters

Science And Psychology Of Color

What is color? Color is the aspect of things that is caused by differing qualities of light being reflected or emitted by them. To see color, you have to have light. When light hits objects, some of the wavelengths are absorbed and some are reflected, depending on the materials in the object. The reflected wavelengths … Continue reading Science And Psychology Of Color

From Hatred To Love

Since childhood, I hated and feared police. The reason was unknown; maybe upbringing, maybe wrong values, maybe false information, maybe Chinese whispers, maybe family experiences but one reason that I found out—in my mid-30s—was that there was a complete lack of connecting with them. Hence, the hatred and fear only grew in leaps and bound. … Continue reading From Hatred To Love

Flip Side Of Religion, Dharma Or Madhab

The moment man became religious should have been the end of all conflict, but unfortunately, everywhere in the world, religion has become the main source of conflict. This has taken the maximum number of lives and caused the maximum amount of pain on the planet for thousands of years. This is only because people believe … Continue reading Flip Side Of Religion, Dharma Or Madhab

Terrorism: A Different Perspective

Since childhood, I have been hearing keywords like terrorism and terrorist but there has been no comprehensive definition to describe its characteristics. Parents were a victim of the 1947 India-Pakistan partition and had their definition of the subject. My grandfather was involved in World War II while serving in the Indian Army, he had his own … Continue reading Terrorism: A Different Perspective

In Conversation With—God

I had always been complaining and blaming that the almighty never listens to me. To my surprise, for the first time, I had a striking conversation. I kept searching for you but couldn’t find you. You cheated me. You kept searching for me only in temple, mosque, church etc. while I was always beside you. … Continue reading In Conversation With—God

The Art And Craft Of Parenting

Parenting is the ultimate long-term investment. Be prepared to put far more into it than you get out of it, at least for some time. Given the structure and stresses of contemporary Indian society, the happiness of couples plummets the minute they become parents. And it gets worse before it gets better. In the long run, … Continue reading The Art And Craft Of Parenting

What Is Empathy?

The term empathy is used to describe a wide range of experiences. Emotion researchers generally define empathy as the ability to sense other people’s emotions, coupled with the ability to imagine what someone else might be thinking or feeling. Empathy is the experience of understanding another person's condition from their perspective. You place yourself in … Continue reading What Is Empathy?

The Evolution Of Gratitude

A number of questions could still be answered to make a stronger case that nonhuman primates really do feel gratitude or some evolutionary building block of gratitude. First, a great deal of evidence in humans suggests that gratitude is important for forming new relationships, but not so much for maintaining existing ones. If the opportunity … Continue reading The Evolution Of Gratitude

Meeting A Living Legend—A Dream Come True

I have always been an ardent fan of ghazal since my childhood. I have heard many but one song that takes my breath away is Chitra Singh. This legendary singer has been in my joy, pain, love, hate, stress, relaxation—in every moment, every emotion. She used to sing with her husband Jagjit Singh and they … Continue reading Meeting A Living Legend—A Dream Come True

Why Should I Contribute To Community?

Service is a beautiful word. It can mean very different things to people, depending on whether they are talking about sports, cell phones, the military or volunteerism. Here I use the word to refer to the practice of selfless giving—something that each one of us has the capacity to do. We contribute to discovering abundance: … Continue reading Why Should I Contribute To Community?

How Much Do You Make? Asked My Friend

From 2013-2017, I had been on this supercalifragilisticexpialidocious sabbatical—doing crazy things, learning spirituality and rendering community service. It was a completely no-income time and a huge question for peers. No one could understand what I was doing and my joy haunted them; all the while. On a fine day, a good friend came up and asked me … Continue reading How Much Do You Make? Asked My Friend

Every Street Is Paved With Gold

I remember my father saying me one thing since childhood—whatever you do, do with full dedication and you'll reach to the top in that. I understood this only at the tender age of 30; when I met Ishwarbhai Patel for a brief moment. Popularly known as The Toilet God, he was an innovative toilet designer and committed … Continue reading Every Street Is Paved With Gold

In Conversation With—A Matchstick

I burnt a matchstick the other day, I can't tell for what, but I noticed one very interesting thing and I couldn't resist talking to it. The result was a wicked but inspiring conversation. Why are you so angry all the time? Who me? No, I don't think so. Yes, you. You have such a … Continue reading In Conversation With—A Matchstick

Her Tale Of Struggle, Victory And Inspiration

I spoke to an old school friend a few days ago and was very touched and inspired by her story. She was a good friend in school and had tough times due to challenging life situations. She got married early and had to leave studies but was successful at the job she was in. Life … Continue reading Her Tale Of Struggle, Victory And Inspiration