Difference Between Wealth And Prosperity

I was once a money-monger that was always after money; a fistful of it. Due to my conditioning and learning, I was made to believe that money was the most valuable resource. But not soon, after a lot of failures and mistakes, I realized that money isn’t the most valuable resource, something else is.

My entire life as now is focused on unlearning and learning new concepts of life; solving oneself and aligning with the universe. I have understood that not money but time is the most valuable resource and I am busy creating that; lots of it. I have realized the thin line between Wealth and Prosperity:

  • Prosperity leads to simplicity and wealth leads to Complexity.
  • Prosperity is lucidity. Wealth is Anxiety.
  • Prosperity flows from love.
  • Prosperity is of the whole being. Wealth involves only the material plane.
  • Prosperity is philanthropic.
  • Prosperity is relative. Wealth is subjective.
  • Prosperity is to know the essential in life.

Ask yourself then, this one simple question, and be brave in your response. How are you spending the lion’s share of your precious time?

I also want to emphasize the flip side of shining India where 25% of the national wealth is owned by mere 100 families and the rest 75% is shared by more than billion families— some of them who even don’t even earn INR 50 per day. There are thousands of villages in India that don’t have electricity and most of us in urban cities consume trillions of units of electricity every day. Most of the youth are running to world’s most developed and noticed nations and a handful of them are working for the progress of undeveloped and neglected villages.

Isn’t this our responsibility to work for the progress of the nation, together? Or just paying taxes are enough? Or framing the concept global village is good enough to bring foreign funds to better life here? Can’t we make our country self-sustainable? There are so many questions that haunt me.

Is just creating wealth enough, for sense gratification, or we should work towards prosperity? We plan for future but are we really planning for prosperity? I believe that prosperity will only come when we grow as a nation.

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