Non-Violence: The Half Truth

The phrase अहिंसा परमो धर्म, largely popularized by Mahatma Gandhi is repeated by many across the world to emphasize non-violence. The phrase was first used in the epic Mahabharata and means non-violence is the ultimate duty. But, this is the half-truth. The full phrase is: अहिंसा परमो धर्म: | धर्म हिंसा तथिव च | The second … Continue reading Non-Violence: The Half Truth

Tips For Successful Marriage

After years of what people call fictional successful marriage life, I have come to the conclusion for an awesome married life, a truly successful one. Here's my secret formula: Not too much dependency, not too much freedom. The right combination is inter-dependency. Marriage is not a battlefield to prove supremacy over each other. Compassion is … Continue reading Tips For Successful Marriage

Colors Of Mumbai

The city has become an angry young man. Tired of the way things are, we are ready to stand up against the problems and make a change. We want to bring back what was once a beautiful city. Because it’s our city! Mamhai-Manbai-Mayambu-Mombaim-Mombayn-Mumbai-Boa-Baim-BomVida-BomBahai-Bombaii-Bombayim-Bombeye-Boon Bay--Bambai-Bombay-Mumbai. All of them!

Does Pure Vegetarianism Really Exist?

I don't understand when people say that I am pure vegetarian. How can one be that today? Just a random thought. Vegetarianism is not just eating plants but it's more of a mental lifestyle. It implies non-killing and non-violence but how? We kill millions of insects by calling them pest that comes to eat our … Continue reading Does Pure Vegetarianism Really Exist?

Photography: The Art Of Seeing

I usually travel by public transport nowadays. I don’t remember what bus I took the other day and as I entered the bus this historic scene looted my heart. I was a beautiful scene of an array of persons sitting one after the other. They looked like the queue of little children who assemble to … Continue reading Photography: The Art Of Seeing

Lessons In Generosity

I met an elderly lady who was continuously watching me eating breakfast. I was looking at her too, she had green eyes. She looked like a Greek Goddess born in the remotest village of Maharashtra, India. Maharashtra meaning The Great Land, is witnessing an adverse drought situation. The farmers are dying of poverty, hunger, and … Continue reading Lessons In Generosity

Difference Between Wealth And Prosperity

I was once a money-monger that was always after money; a fistful of it. Due to my conditioning and learning, I was made to believe that money was the most valuable resource. But not soon, after a lot of failures and mistakes, I realized that money isn’t the most valuable resource, something else is. My … Continue reading Difference Between Wealth And Prosperity

Recession Mantra: How To Cut Down And Still Feel Proud About It

Recession is around the corner for some industries. Lots of people will be thrown out from their jobs because of strong competition. I am no expert in business management but I am learning human management and the trick is to encourage cooperation rather than competition. An age-old solution is that if the fortunate employees can … Continue reading Recession Mantra: How To Cut Down And Still Feel Proud About It

Karma And Reincarnation

I am reading a book on action and reincarnation. I got to know something very interesting. Sometimes, the soul not only is in a certain situation because of past actions but sometimes, it sacrifices to balance someone else's actions. This implies that it's not that only rich and healthy are spiritual and poor and ill are … Continue reading Karma And Reincarnation

Money Can Buy You Happiness!

I realized that nobody is the owner of money or wealth, we're just a trustee or nominee. We have to share it away. It never belonged to us and per Vedas, this is all there for thousands of years. I think, we become frustrated or suffer because we try to become an owner. Once we have a … Continue reading Money Can Buy You Happiness!

Self-Compassion In Children

Over the years, there has been a tremendous emphasis in our society on building children’s self-esteem. I think it’s high time, we should be teaching children how to develop self-compassion instead. The problem is that self-esteem is often developed by social comparison, meaning it requires a person to feel special and superior to others on … Continue reading Self-Compassion In Children

Hindi-Urdu: A Subconscious Tale Of Unity

We’re consciously and continuously fighting over belief systems, color, caste, creed, race etc. but seldom have we realized that there is a third side to all of the rage – language. Our daily bunch of words that we use share so much of brotherhood, unity or togetherness. How you ever even thought about it? Maybe … Continue reading Hindi-Urdu: A Subconscious Tale Of Unity

In Conversation With—A Centipede

I was watching this centipede for long. It was moving fast between stones. We had a striking conversation. Mr. Human, can you move like me? In rough terrains? No, I can't. Poor you. feeble specie. Mr. Centipede, can you do computer graphics? No. Can you travel in Mumbai local train? No. We all are so … Continue reading In Conversation With—A Centipede